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Four Veterinary Medications Routinely Used in Fish Farming and Animal Husbandry were Tested for Aquatic Toxicity

Sushanta Jena

This article discusses a study that examined the aquatic toxicity of four frequently used veterinary medications in fish farming and animal husbandry. The medications under scrutiny included oxytetracycline, ivermectin, florfenicol, and formalin. Veterinary chiropractic care, a complementary therapy that focuses on the musculoskeletal system of animals, has gained popularity in recent years. While it is commonly associated with the treatment of domesticated animals, its application in pediatric exotic patients remains a relatively unexplored frontier. This paper provides a brief overview of veterinary chiropractic, its principles, and techniques, before delving into the unique considerations and potential benefits of applying this therapy to pediatric exotic patients. By examining the potential advantages and challenges of integrating chiropractic care into the healthcare regimen of young exotic animals, we aim to shed light on a promising avenue for enhancing the well-being and quality of life of these fascinating creatures.