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Investigation of the Impact of Normal Functional Forces on Periodontal Structures at Various Angles: A Finite Element Analysis (FEA) Study

Maen Mahfouz

Presentation: The periodontal tissue response to divergent occlusal stress has been portrayed in writing where in clinical and histologic changes are examined that created because of stresses in periodontal designs. At the point when interrelationship is annoyed, periodontal infection might follow. Periodontal gathering shows assorted versatile limit from one person to another and period to period in same person as for occlusal powers. PDL modifies mechanical signs into organic signs, which coordinates towards causing metabolic modifications, bringing about destroying periodontal tissue. Tragically, these occlusal stresses are not yet measured. The point of this study is to survey the impact of ordinary occlusal force on periodontal tendon in various angulations. Materials and strategies: One FEM of maxillary First molar was planned to comprise of tooth mash, periodontal tendon (PDL), and alveolar bone, in light of pictures procured by CBCT, the impact of typical occlusal force on pdl in substitute angulations will be surveyed. Proof revealed 150N as the norm functional force. Impediment will be expected at three contact regions addressing the driven impediment contact focuses, which similarly shared a power of 150 N. Examination was done for four power tendencies (0, 22.5°, 45°, 90°) Results: For useful burdens and limit conditions, greatest anxieties in the parts are seen with 90deg stacking cases. In any case, these burdens are trifling and won’t prompt burst of the periodontal parts. However, in PDL, these ductile burdens centred at apical and cervical districts might cause impediment of the blood stream and may additionally prompt rot of the tooth or in some situation, more awful; Periodontal breakdown. Conclusion: There is sanely respectable endeavor to communicate mathematical information of stress to be accommodated ordinary occlusal and hyper practical burdens to mimic clinical occlus