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Pancreatic Isle Cell Transplantation as a Treatment for Brittle Kind One Diabetes: A Case Report and Review of the Literature

Melissa R Gitman

Purpose: To report a case of epithelium keratoplasties (EKs) performed in a very four month previous with a posterior polymorphous tissue layer dystrophy.

Observations: A four month previous baby underwent Descemet membrane epithelium plastic surgery (DMEK) for posterior polymorphous tissue layer dystrophy. The graft was found to be disjointed on day five post-operatively and an endeavor to unfold the DMEK scroll and re-bubble wasn't made. The patient was then treated with success with bilateral Descemet denudation machine-controlled epithelium plastic surgery (DSAEK). At three years of follow-up, her vision was 20/70 within the right and 20/60 within the left eye with sensible epithelium cell counts.

Conclusions and importance: This study reports the youngest case of EKs performed at the age of four months in associate degree baby. this is often additionally the primary reportable case of tried DMEK light its challenges in infants.DSAEK remains a decent treatment choice for epithelium pathology secondary to posterior polymorphous tissue layer dystrophy in infants even when failing DMEK.

Posterior polymorphous tissue layer dystrophy (PPCD) is one amongst the tissue layer epithelium dystrophies transmitted in associate degree chromosome dominantly manner. The clinical presentation of PPCD varies from symptomless tissue layer epithelium changes to non-heritable tissue layer puffiness, peripheral iridocorneal adhesions and eye disease. reconstructive surgery is needed in 20–25% of patients with PPCD WHO developed tissue layer puffiness.1Corneal puffiness caused by PPCD will have a large impact on the visual development of kids thanks to vision defect. so surgical interventions like reconstructive surgery is also thought of to revive tissue layer clarity and stop vision defect.