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The Research Methodology and Study Design Working Group Report

Norah A Terrault

The adding figures of hematopoietic cell transplantations (HCTs) performed each time, the changing demographics of HCT donors, the preface of new transplantation strategies, incremental enhancement in survival, and the growing population of HCT survivors demand a comprehensive approach to examining the health and well- being of cases thro0ughout life after HCT. This report summarizes strategies for the conduct of exploration on late goods after transplantation, including consideration of the study design and logical approaches; methodological challenges in handling complex phenotype data; an appreciation of the changing trends in the practice of transplantation; and the vacuity of memoir samples to support laboratory- grounded exploration. It's hoped that these generalities will promote uninterrupted exploration and grease the development of new approaches to address abecedarian questions in transplantation issues.