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Treatment of Resistant Infections in Small Animals with Antibiotics

Katrina L Buchanan

Antibiotic resistance poses a growing threat to both human and animal health, and the treatment of resistant infections in small animals has become a critical concern in veterinary medicine. This abstract provides a succinct overview of the challenges posed by antibiotic-resistant infections in small animals and the strategies employed in their treatment. Small animals, including dogs and cats, are susceptible to a range of bacterial infections, and antibiotics have historically played a pivotal role in their management. However, the emergence of antibiotic resistance in veterinary medicine has significantly complicated the treatment landscape. This abstract explores the factors contributing to antibiotic resistance in small animals, such as overuse and misuse of antibiotics, and highlights the consequences of this phenomenon, including treatment failure and increased morbidity and mortality. In response to this pressing issue, veterinarians and researchers have adopted a multifaceted approach to address resistant infections in small animals. This approach encompasses the judicious use of antibiotics through accurate diagnosis and susceptibility testing, the development of novel antibiotics and alternative treatment modalities, and the promotion of antimicrobial stewardship practices in veterinary clinics. This abstract underscores the importance of a One Health perspective, emphasizing the interconnectedness of human, animal, and environmental health in the context of antibiotic resistance. It also highlights the critical role that veterinarians play in mitigating antibiotic resistance by implementing responsible prescribing practices and educating pet owners.